Over the past ninety days, there have been several news articles touting companies entering patient transportation and (NEMT) non-emergency medical transportation space. With ridesharing companies getting most of the publicity for trying to disrupt the industry, the team from Encore Services continues to exceed the expectations of our healthcare clients as we deliver patients on time to their appointments throughout the markets we serve. As one of the leaders in the NEMT space, our team is equipped to handle the nuances of transportation and patient needs with a sole focus on providing outstanding customer service.

Key questions all healthcare organizations should consider before contracting a ride share or service provider include:

  • Are The Drivers Screened And Trained To Handle NEMT Patients
  • Does The Provider Maintain Customer Service Protocols That Align With Our Organizational Values
  • Do All Of The Vehicles Pass Routine Safety Inspections
  • Is It Important That The Drivers Are Familiar With Hospital Parking and Drop Off Procedures
  • Does the NEMT Provider Understand our Hospital Culture. Do they know the Specific Locations and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Inside of our Facility?

If you are a healthcare organization in the Midwest and you’re exploring partnerships and thinking about outsourcing your NEMT needs, we would love the opportunity to learn more about your needs. Our relationships with leading hospitals and healthcare companies have propelled our growth and we have proven to be a great partner. Encore Service Group has been serving customers for over twenty-years, we would love to earn your business, call us today at (734) 794-3614 to discuss your NEMT needs.