Providing non-emergency transportation to patients who are unable to get to their regularly scheduled appointments is crucial to every hospital’s operation. Without this type of transportation service, hospitals risk losing a significant number of its patients who are unable to drive themselves to their appointments. Encore Service Group is the perfect solution to this common hospital dilemma! We provide transportation for any medical patient who, for whatever reason, cannot find a mode of transportation to their hospital appointment. We provide transit for patients whose appointments range from minor post-procedural checkups to major post-operational physical therapy. Whether a patient needs just one ride, or requires a longer-term solution, Encore Service Group has got their back.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is currently a benefit of the federally and state-funded government Medicaid program. However, as the Medicaid system undergoes constant tweaking, government-assured NEMT could be at risk. Encore Service Group is the perfect solution for every hospital’s NEMT needs. Regardless of any change to the Medicaid system, we promise that 100% of patients who require NEMT to your hospital will have their needs met. This guarantee saves hospitals from the constant worry involved with getting patients to their appointments on time and in a safe, reliable manner.

A NEMT program is necessary for every hospital because it is critical to their post-procedural revenue stream. Without a NEMT program, elderly or otherwise disabled patients may find alternative post-procedural care either closer to home, or at a facility that offers NEMT. As a result, hospitals without NEMT services are at risk of losing up to millions of dollars in post-procedural care. By using the consistently reliable NEMT services that Encore Service Group provides, hospitals will see an instant increase in their cash flow.

Patient no shows (patients who neither show up nor cancel their appointment) are becoming more and more frequent in every hospital nationwide. Though patient no shows may seem like a problem that only affects patients’ health, it can also has a dramatic effect on hospitals. Doctors who schedule their appointments to fit in as many patients as they possibly can on a day-to-day basis are extremely frustrated by patient no shows. Every time a patient fails to show up for a scheduled appointment, the doctor loses out on their share of the cost of the visit. A leading cause for patient no shows is failure to find adequate transportation to the hospital. Encore Service Group is the perfect solution to patient no shows. By providing cheap and efficient NEMT services, we will keep your hospital’s doctors happy by decreasing the number of patient no shows.

Encore Service Group is dedicated to meet every hospital’s specific needs. To inquire about fast and reliable NEMT services for your hospital, contact us today!