Hospitals Investing In the Patient Experience As Healthcare Continues To Evolve

Wooing patients to your hospital is big business. The days of patients simply choosing hospitals based on proximity are long gone. Hospitals are in constant competition to attract new patients and many healthcare systems are investing millions of dollars into marketing and brand awareness on an annual basis. Transportation is one of the areas where many hospitals have explored ways to attract and retain patients.

Encore Service Group can help your healthcare organization on several fronts. Encore’s valet service can be integrated into your day to day operations to provide patients convenience and peace of mind. Our shuttle services integrate well with multi-facility medical centers. As one of the leading providers of non-emergency medical transportation, we can help ensure your patients arrive on time for their follow up appointments.

Attracting insured and private-payer patients starts with making a great first impression. With decades of experience, Encore Service Group can offer a variety of solutions that be integrated in your day to day operations, improving efficiency and increasing your patient satisfaction scores.