Patient Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Each year, nearly four million Americans miss or delay their medical appointments because they have no way to get there. Encore Service Group recognizes the need these people have for courteous, reliable transportation to and from their appointments. We believe that every person deserves quality medical care at that nobody should have to worry about not getting the attention they need because of a lack of transportation. Encore Service Group can provide custom transportation services for:


  • Discharge Patients
  • Physical Therapy Appointments
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Psychiatric Partial Programs
  • Other Needs

Reduce Readmissions

When a hospital has a higher than average rate of readmissions, they face strict penalties that can drastically reduce their federal and state funding. While a high readmission rate may seem like the result of poor medical care, it’s actually more often caused by patients who did not adhere to the care directives they were given at the time of their discharge. Unfortunately, this often happens because patients do not have access to transportation to and from their follow-up appointments.


Michigan & Northern Ohio’s Most Professional Transportation Company

At Encore Service Group, we recognize how important it is for hospitals to keep their readmission rates down, and our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) professionals can help by providing patients with the transportation they need to successfully navigate the road to recovery.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Our NEMT professionals are not simply taking patients from point A to point B. They’re engaging with them along the way, providing any assistance they need, and working hard to create a lasting positive impression that shows our dedication to service, and more importantly, shows our medical partner’s commitment to providing their patients with every resource possible to help them get the care they need.

Improve Staff Efficiency

While we recognize how important it is for patients to have friendly, reliable transportation, we know that it is equally important for hospitals and medical centers to maintain an organized schedule. When someone misses or delays an appointment, it causes a chain reaction that impacts the schedules of doctors, nurses, and other patients who need attention as well. If this happens on a regular basis, medical facilities can see a dramatic decrease in funding as more patients choose to seek treatment somewhere else.

Fortunately, when hospitals and medical centers partner with Encore Service Group, administrators can spend less time worrying about maintaining a schedule, and more time focusing on building long term relationships and providing quality, compassionate care. If you’re facility is in need of medical transportation services, contact us today to learn how we can help!

“To whom it may concern, I just wanted to give a little insight on your valet at the george issac, a nice young lady I believe she told me her name was sam. Last week I visited utmc at the george issac for my mothers surgery that’s where I met Sam she was professional, gave us very warm welcoming and boy is she a life saver. She went got us a wheelchair for my mom since she is unable to walk as good as she used to and even wheeled her in for me while I gathered our things to bring in. Once my mom was called back I had a little window to be able to go eat and such so I had asked her for directions. She even offered to push me in wheel chair and help get my food since I wasn’t walking the greatest that day. I declined the free ride, but it was so sweet of her to offer. Its nice to see young people helping us old people when in need and boy does it help and much appreciated.”

– Sue and Rob (UTMC Guests)