Hospitality Consulting


At Encore Service Group, we understand that while our services can help healthcare systems grow their profits and enhance the patient and guest experience, hospitals and medical facilities will be most impactful when they have all of the tools they need to succeed. This is why we’ve partnered with Envision-U to create Envision-U Health, a program that can help any healthcare system reach its full potential.

Envision-U helps organizations and individuals translate strategy into results. Their programs are designed to enhance organizations with innovative concepts that not only teach empowerment principles, but also add unique accountability to ensure lasting results.

Envision-U has successfully helped large, notable organizations reach their potential, so we have partnered with them to translate their innovative programs into the unique landscape of the healthcare industry. The Envision-U Health program applies to everyone in a healthcare system, from entry level employees to C-level executives and focuses on leadership, teamwork, performance, and training the trainer. Through our process, healthcare systems and their employees will become experts in patient- and family-centered care while making significant improvements to sustain profitability and better serve their communities.



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