Good morning! I have sent an email once before, but I still wanted to take a minute to tell you about one of your employees at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital at the East entrance. William Holmes is such a pleasant person every single day. With the weather changing and getting colder I have to appreciate how even though he is outside so much during the day, he always has a smile on his face for everybody.

On a day to day basis we all deal with people, and it is really refreshing to see someone not only doing his job well, but having such amazing people skills. People are coming here to work, or coming in to see loved ones and not always for great reasons; it is really nice to have someone like him being the first person they see. His great attitude towards people is a rare thing these days.

Encore you definitely have a great employee!



Hello. I wanted to commend valet Allen Novock for going well beyond expectations yesterday late morning, March 4th at the South Entrance valet area at Beaumont Royal Oak. I was leaving with my mom who had been prepped for an infusion procedure, and the process was aborted due to high blood pressure, but not until after they had already administered a large dose of Benadryl. She has MS and is always unstable, but with the Benadryl, she could hardly walk or stand up. He helped her from a wheelchair to the car with such tremendous care and sensitivity, it was incredible. I was standing with my mom frustrated that the nurse and orderly effectively abandoned us after walking us out the door, and he immediately came over to help us. I honesty don’t know how I would have managed without his help.

You have a great guy working for you and thought you should know.

“Guest of Royal Oak Beaumont”


Firstly….apologizing for not sending this note much earlier. Secondly – I personally, cannot thank you enough, Mike, …for operating such a people friendly organization. From the people at the desk, to the gentlemen who receive and accommodate it is YOU!, for a good Company begins at the top…and you certainly exemplify goodness and caring. This is my FIRST experience in having had a health issue that required six weeks, five times each week… at the hospital – and your kindness is appreciated, You are successful, due to the compassion you show we, patients, that require hospital
services for an extended period of time. I kindly thank you! Warm regards and continued success.

– Anonymous



We’ve been working with Encore Service Group for the past three years and could not be more impressed. Their staff is polite and punctual and they are a great resource for helping to ensure our patients are able to make their appointments.
– Rita H



Your coordination of my services from Encore are/were greatly appreciated…as I stated above, you exuded the same goodness and caring. It is wonderful to see young people that Mike has surrounded himself with, not seen to often in todays society… you too are to be commended… Polite, clean cut and friendly. Thank you so much, for assisting one in need. The best to you! Warm regards
– Filomena Ponzi



Today I was pulled aside by a guest of emergency. She wanted to let our leadership know how well George handled her emergency situation. She stated that George helped make the difference of life or death for her husband after an allergic reaction to a bee sting. George was in the parking lot and had seen a vehicle in distress at the 900 ramp. Against making recommendations of driving to E.R., George helped her husband get to the emergency entrance from our 900 ramp. With acting in such a timely fashion she thankfully believes that George helped save her husband. For these heroic actions I would like to nominate George Copeland as a candidate for our next golden ticket drawing.
-Erik Brethauer Valet Supervisor



I was given a comment card with your contact on it from the hospital and wanted to email you. My husband and I have been back and forth from the Ft Wayne area for several months as we have cared for my brother in law. It had been quite a while (Since MCO) that we had been at the hospital. We left yesterday and will not be back for a while. I asked one of the young men if I could tell his boss that I was thankful for the guys. Even in the pouring rain, they have been extremely courteous and friendly with my family. We used they valet about 10 times in the last couple weeks alone and I just want to thank you for such great guys. They are always patient and helpful. They even wash my window to my F-150! Anyway, I can’t thank your team enough. Well done
-Sue and Rob (UTMC Guests)



I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your help today. The patient needed transportation to her first treatment. Without your quick response she would have missed her appointment and likely many more after. Encore always comes through! Your team continues to impress me with their timeliness and compassion for out patients. Thank you again!.
– Christine



At Encore Service Group we pride ourselves at providing the absolute best customer service as possible. Tonight we had an employee go above and beyond. Around 8:30 pm a customer named Beth gave us her claim check to leave. Dave Moore pulled up her brand new Mustang and realized that she had a flat. He informed Beth and she said that she would take care of it. When Dave came inside to tell myself and Eduardo Melgar about her flat tire, we saw her pulling away. Eduardo chased her down and offered to pump up her tire for her. After realizing that her tire wouldn’t take air because it was off the rim, Eduardo grabbed some tools out of his vehicle and attempted to put it back on for her. Once that unfortunately failed, Eduardo took the full size spare out of his own car and put it on her car for her. He stayed a half an hour after work, gave up his own person spare tire and put it on for her so she could get home. I’m sure Beth is beyond grateful for Eduardo going above and beyond tonight. Eduardos actions tonight personifies what we as a company stride for.
– Luke Floyd (Dearborn Employee)