When you run a hotel, you want to leave a good impression. You want guests to keep coming back for more and to spread the news of their wonderful stay to drive in more business. One way to make a great first— and last— impression on a visit is to have a valet service. Valet can help ease your guest’s trip by eliminating the concern for parking and cutting down on how far they need to haul their luggage.

However, you need to be careful when selecting a valet service. Their performance will reflect on your hotel, and they are being entrusted with your clients’ valuable property.

This article compiles five tips to help you select the best company for the job.

1) Do not go for the cheapest option
A valet company may quote you a low-priced contract, but consider how they get those numbers. They cut their own costs, often by underpaying their staff and using limited insurance policies.

2) Check on their insurance
If a customer’s vehicle is damaged while in the care of valets, you need to ensure they will be properly compensated. A good umbrella policy for a valet service provides $2 million or more in liability coverage. You also want to make sure the insurance carrier is highly rated.

3) Read reviews and ask for referrals
An excellent way to get a feel for a valet service is listening to previous customers. Checking reviews online can help, but the best tactic is to find out who else has used them. See if the company has any previous clients they use as referrals, and feel free to call around and ask other venues and caterers who they have used.

4) Ask for an on-site visit and written estimates
The better valet services will know the importance of seeing your location before settling on a contract. They should offer a free on-site consultation. If you reach an agreement, ensure that you receive a written estimate with no room for hidden fees.

5) Gauge how they treat their workers
Good leaders create good workers; poor leaders and poor wages lead to high turnover rates and lackluster valets. Customers appreciate familiar faces when they visit and appreciate knowing they can trust their vehicle to an experienced and dedicated staff. Nothing ruins a vacation more than having property stolen or damaged. Employees should be polite, well trained, and have decent working conditions.

Like hiring hotel staff, finding the right valet services takes dedication and due diligence. You want to ensure your guests experience a relaxing and pleasant stay. With the above tips, and your own experience running a business, you are all set to begin your search.

If you have questions about hiring a valet service company in anywhere in the United States, feel free to give us a call, we’re always available to chat and provide some additional tips to make sure you’re set up for success.