Valet Services Add Value Beyond Guest Perception

The perception of valet parking services was once only associated with living a luxury lifestyle. Over the past few years, this trend has shifted towards mainstream convenience and the additional safety and security studies that parking in valet offers. Interestingly, there has been a recent uptick in the number of companies that offer valet services including more business as employee perks, hospitals, fitness clubs and malls.


Every person who comes to your location is going to notice that it is just easier when they can hand their keys to the valet and then move on with the day. When they get out, they can also just let the valets know it is time to leave. There is a lot less hassle in the process this way. This added convenience will allow people to focus on more important things in life – and if you put valets into your office area, it can help your employees to focus more on doing their jobs really well.


When a person has to park for themselves, this adds a lot of variables to their day. First off, they have to find a spot without accidentally hitting anything or being hit by other cars. Then, later on, they have to find where they parked while keeping up a level of awareness usually reserved for military personnel to avoid potential muggers. Having valets doing this work makes it that much easier for everyone to simply go about their day, while the valets keep the parking lot moving efficiently with only a handful of people coordinating on vehicle movement.

Better Security

The security situation in most parking lots is abysmal on its best day. People park, people walk around, and it can be hard to tell if someone is walking to their vehicle or prowling for someone to rob. In a valet parking situation, the valets can be trained to watch each other’s backs and spot trouble from a distance. If the person is not in uniform and is in the parking lot, they stick out like a sore thumb. On top of that, if there is oil, ice or any other slippery surfaces the valets can be on guard against it. Less people in the parking lot means less potential for slips, falls and lawsuits.

Upscale Feeling

There is something truly upscale about going to an area and having valet service on site. This feeling tends to translate into higher quality work, better morale with less turnover, and a generally more pleasant environment to work within. There is value in bringing about this upscale feeling, as happier employees tend to work harder than employees in a “meh” work environment.

Valet Benefits Overview:

• Helps employee retention by boosting morale
• Eases one area of stress during the day
• Leads to less lawsuits and better lot security
• Makes parking and locating vehicles easier for all involved
• Lets your employees focus more on their work

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